And now I went mobile

Hi guys!

Do you have a Blackberry smartphone or playbook?
You just can’t get enough of me?

Now you can download my app for free at

I’ll be waiting for your comments.



No fun this weekend…


The Color Run™ is the happiest 5K on the planet! You start out as a clean, blank canvas and finish looking like a tie dyed Jackson Pollock painting.
This weekend, March the 10th, Oporto, my town, was about to receive the first Color Run in Europe. Unfortunately, due to the bad weather that we are experiencing now in the North of Portugal, the event was postponed to the April 7th. You can’t imagine how people got sad… But we had to understand… It wouldn’t much of a fun race with so much rain…
Well…  I already have my gear ready….  Glasses, hair band, t-shirt, tutu, socks and running shoes…  Now i’ll just have to wait.



Hacking IKEA

OK, IKEA furniture is really cheap. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make it look expensive, and original.

I was searching the Internet for some ideas, something that inspires me – there’s nothing wrong with learning from other people experiences – and I found the most interesting site.

A site about modifications on and re-purposing of Ikea products. This hacks may be as simple as adding an embellishment, some others may require power tools and lots of ingenuity.
Some hacks are made by the owner of the site, others are contributions of IKEA hackers from all over the globe.

In the past I made some crafts on my own that I will be glad to share with you guys.


SwiftKey a new way of typing

I really had to share my opinion about this app.

When I first bought my HTC One X I was pretty happy with the phone except for the typing experience. At first I tried to adapt myself but I gave up. Then I heard about an app that have earned a bunch of awards and I thought “why don’t I try it, it might be good” and it is. I’m using it right now. I’m not a native English speaker and the way it changes the revision between my native language, Portuguese, and English is amazing. What I love the most is that it learns from what I normally write in other platforms such as Facebook or Twitter to adjust the words that it suggests to complete my sentences so I can type a message, an article or something else really quick.

Then when I bought my Nexus, I was surprised that they already devolved an app or tablets too and I could resist installing it again and I couldn’t be happier with it. I recommend you guys to check that out at and decided for yourselves.

Well that’s it for now.

Kiss kiss bye bye

Howdy, Folks!

First of all presentations.

My name is Sandra and I’m a translator and proofreader from Portugal

Currently as a freelancer I juggle my time between my job, my animals and my passions: nutrition and running. Ok ok… and my boyfriend.

So… don’t be admired if one day I post a picture of my animals, and the other day a recipe. Then I share my accomplishes in my almost daily run, or something that I saw in TV that made me comment it.

Well let see what happens!

Kiss kiss Bye Bye