Get pHresh with me!

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Ok, not really – I’m not that kind of girl!! I’m referring to pHresh greens. Mine arrived in the mail merely hours after I posted about alkalizing your body.  I’ve had a chance to try it in a couple smoothies and even mixed into my overnight oats. Here is a little review for you!phreshSo what is pHresh greens you ask?! Well, it is a super food (definition of super food: it’s among the world’s most nutrient-rich, dense and beneficial  foods on earth), a green powder that you simply add to your favourite smoothie, glass of water or juice. It is a complete daily serving of raw greens in just 1 teaspoon!

“It is made with 16 raw ingredients that were carefully selected for their high pH levels. It is a full spectrum alkalizing superfood blend of energy rich vegetables, cereal grasses and sea algae. pHresh greens is highly bio-available and provides your body with…

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