I couldn’t wait…

ImagemFirst workout done!


  • Warm Up: 10 Minutes on Elliptical or Treadmill + 2-3 Light Weight Warm up Sets of DB Presses
  • Shoulder Press 4×12
  • 4×12 Side Lateral Raise
  • 4×10 Reverse PecDec Flies *Superset* with 4×12 Upright Barbell Row
  • 3×10 Front Plate Raises *Superset* with 3×12 Bent Over Rear Lateral Raises
  • 3×12 Rear Delt Cable Flyes

Had to change some exercises because I workout at home or run outside, but in the end it was pretty easy to understand and do.

If you want to try it yourselves please see http://muffin-topless.com/2013/03/28/mtl-summer-workouts-2/#like-1087

Kisses and work hard


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