Sounds very good… Why not give it a try. Starting April day 1… let see how it goes!

Muffin Topless

These are the Muffin Topless Summer Challenge Workouts #2 of 3! Every 4 weeks I will post brand new workouts! Sign up for my FREE newsletter to have the next set of workouts sent straight to your email! For workouts #1 of 3 Click Here =)

Before starting the Muffin Topless Summer Transformation Challenge Workouts, please read the Introduction!

Keep in mind that transforming your life and shaping your body takes hard work, patience, dedication, determination and discipline. There is no magical pill, potion or gadget that will strip away body fat without breaking a sweat! If it were easy, everyone would be in fantastic shape. But if you commit for the long-term and stay consistent with your healthy eating and exercise, you WILL reach your goals!

Hashtag your posts on Twitter & Instagram with #MTLSummer to stay accountable and to motivate others participating in the challenge!


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