Incredible… that’s the perfect word!


10 AM
10 Km

The weather was perfect and all 12.000 people were eager to start running.

This was just another 10 Km race but with a very special theme: Father’s day. The day when fathers come an run with their kids, or even the all family.

Well I’m not a professional runner, nor a very good runner, but running is something that makes me happy. It’s really challenging for me still, because I only started running in last October, but I love the way I feel after a race. Doesn’t matter if you win or loose, just being outside with all that people, all together, for the same reason… it’s just liberating!

Me and my lovely friend

Me and my lovely friend

Now this is the end of my article… turn off your computer and go running. You will see what I’m talking about.



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