I had to reblog this recipe…
It has several aspects to which I give importance…
First of all it has bacon… My beloved bacon, secondly it’s really easy to do, to finish, you can even use some leftover meat and reuse it in this recipe.
Try it and have fun!

365 Days of Bacon

I get the best ideas when I have food cravings.

Which, I guess, is my body’s natural way of telling me what essential nutrients I need — particularly — protein, iron, fat, sodium, magnesium, etc.

Vegetarians and vegans, beware! I apologize in advance for the following statements:

Every so often, I have cravings for juicy, undercooked red meat. I get squit-y when my meat is overcooked and dry. I like it moo-ing at me from the plate. (Sorry. But it’s true)

This was the juiciest “muffin” I have ever gobbled down.

So thanks, carnivore cravings, for inspiring this meat-y recipe!


Makes 12 meat muffins, which serves (at least) 4 grown, hearty meat-eaters   😉


1 pckg bacon

2 lbs ground meat of your choice
2 eggs
1/2 cup coconut flour

Quick Salsa Sauce (or just used jarred salsa):

3/4 can crushed tomatoes

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