Zeitgeist · ed fernandez

  1. The Phone App team
  2. T-7 – countdown to launch – some of the great teams that have built #BlackBerry10 – starting with the Phone app http://pic.twitter.com/WP7ixqXD
  3. The Browser-Web team
  4. T-7 – countdown to launch – #BlackBerry10 – part of the Web team building our awesome browser! http://pic.twitter.com/4YQCQX5J
  5. T-7 – countdown to launch – #BlackBerry10 – Best mobile browser – Here’s the Toronto Web team! http://pic.twitter.com/w0niCYVg
  6. T-6 – Countdown to Launch – #BlackBerry10 – Best mobile browser – The Beijing Web team! http://pic.twitter.com/lgqiU87U
  7. #BlackBerry10 – T-7. Some of the teams in Ottawa…

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